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We find critical talents to elevate organisations


Bridge professionals to advance their careers


With our strong experience in executive search and roots in HR, we understand organisations goals and their talent strategy thoroughly to achieve their employment needs. We find the people you need, all over the world.




Achieving business objectives and keeping up with the today's market demands relies on the right people in the right roles. We have the searching methods and data to solve these challenges and succeed in the dynamic world of work.

We help organisations to leverage their strengths and assist professionals to unleash their full potential with right placements. 

We provide practical, fast, efficient and customized services with capabilities extending to international placements.

Our focus is on delivering effective, forward-thinking talent solution results to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our main functions:

C-LEVEL placements, finance & accounting, engineering, marketing & sales, supply chain and administration.



N'Talent is an independent talent solutions provider of Executive Search, Assessment & Selection, International Search to medium and large organizations. 

 With 20 years of experience in recruitment, execituive search and in HR, we are experts in evaluating organization’s hiring needs and processes,  help them to identify the gaps, and successfully fill their positions.

We build a strong connection with professionals in the market and use our capabilities to advance their careers. We are fueled by our candidate management function, having benefcial impact and by our clients' needs.

 We’re always at work - recruiting, motivating and developing people in the market. We manage the careers of the highest calibre professionals on a day to day basis. 






We know that hiring people with the right motivation, attitude, behaviors and cultural fit is a key part of delivering long-term high performers for your business.

First, we discover organisations' need and strategy— then we find the connection that works best for them.

We work for RESULTS with smooth proccess.


     N'Talent Difference:

  • Provides the complete or rare technical skillset to achieve the position

  • Identifies people who will become motivated and engaged employees

  • Pinpoints the right people who deliver to your strategy

  • Identifies people who will stay longer and are high performers


 Distinct from standard recruiting processes, our difference identifies core performance drivers beyond purely technical skills required to ‘do the work’. It can deliver the crucial difference between ‘filling a vacancy’ and truly evaluating candidates to pinpoint high performers for long-term benefit to your organization.

We build a compelling employer brand, create a seamless hiring process, and deliver welcoming candidate experience. 


Our main focus and distinguished capabilities:

impeccable candidate management

client management with an internal HR mindset

strong understanding in strategic business objectives

determined laser focused talent search

results driven approach

and a polished approach to consulting