We are experts at what they do. With a proven success record in 20 years, and strong roots in HR, we work with organisations as a transparent, honest and inclusive strategic HR partner to achieve and exceed their business goals.


We deep-dive understand and fulfill the critical gaps by making sure the right people, in the right roles.


We are career coaches for professionals: to strategize their search, power up their resume and be in your corner whenever you need them. 

Ferize NAZAR

Executive Search Principal / Client Partner / HR Manager
  • Professional Executive Search Consultant and HR professional with global experience in various industries since 2004.
  • Ferize Nazar is known for making significant contributions, important long term placements and considerable impact to the organisations and taking them to the next level. 
  • Skilled in executive search, recruitment, talent acquisition, employee branding, compensation and benefits, contract management, policy and procedure harmonization, HRIS system integration, internal HR communication, setting up core HR functions and processes from scratch.
  • She is holding Masters degree from the University of Sydney in Industrial Relations and HRM.
  • Studied, worked and lived in Sydney for 13 years. Hired for 10 countries; USA, Mexico, Dominique, Germany, England, Australia, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Hungary.
  • Ferize has been successfully finding critical talents with a solid employment and strong educational background for a well known Fortune 100 companies. 


Her main focus and distinguished capabilities:

✓ impeccable candidate management,

✓ client management with an internal HR mindset,

✓ strong understanding in strategic business objectives,

✓ determined laser focused talent search,

✓ and a polished approach to consulting.


Determined, inspirational and a results driven professional.



EMAIL: fnazar@talennt.com





We act with great integrity as an independent advisor and we get to know each and every client’s business, understand their issues and determine actionable steps that work in their environment. 


We treat each candidate and client with the attention that they deserve, as befits our corporate values. This makes us your trustworthy employer brand ambassador throughout the process in the market.


At each step of the relationship with our clients and candidates, we deliver value, advice and an expert point of view. Our focus on quality in all we do, working with honesty, and focusing on team-work are values that run through the heart of the business.


To accomplish this, we rely on five core principles that guide our business strategy, behavior and relationships:

❖  Integrity: We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust.

❖  Respect: We treat everyone with uncompromising respect and fairness.

❖  Knowledge: We are actively helping to grow for continuous improvement, learning and innovation.

❖  Accountability: We are empowered to deliver operational excellence through accountable for our performance to deliver the results.

❖  Responsibility: We are responsible to fulfill our commitments to clients with a results driven approach and sense of urgency.