Finding the people and skills you need to drive the business growth





Our Executive Search Service


Approach both job-seekers and passive candidates with a professional manner.
Screen and assess all applicants for suitability and put only the most eligible candidates forward.


  • Job brief & identifying your hiring needs: Determine who the ideal person is for the position by considering the experiences, skills and competencies and how they will fit into the existing team.


  • Prepare or triple control the job description: Make sure your job description reflects the position’s responsibilities and requirements accurately and that it lists all of the skills and experiences required to excel in the role. Also how to fit to company’s culture and values.


  • Plan where to source candidates: Prepare talent search mapping, methods and the tools.


  • Candidate sourcing: Dedicating considerable time and extensive effort to deep dive the market. Setting a strategy to identify the top talent for a particular role, using job descriptions and making a profiling to success the a role, combining data on experiences, behaviors, education, skills and competencies, leadership styles etc.


  • Recruiting: Attracting active and passive candidates to your job opening.


  • Screening & Shortlisting: Identifying the qualified candidates in the pool.


  • Screening candidates by phone: Conducting a brief phone interview.


  • Interviewing candidates: Conducting a structured interview process with a list of technial and behavioural based questions with a consistant process.  


  • Assessing and preparing reports: Objectively evaluating candidates that consider competencies, skills, traits, drivers and experiences to see how well they match to the open position and where the candidate has opportunities for growth.


  • Selecting candidates: Selecting the top candidates that match your organization’s hiring needs


  • Arranging the client interviews: Upon presentation, arraning the internal interview processes with the Hiring Managers


  • Providing feedbacks: Constantly be in communication with the candidates and keep the process warm for both parties.


  • Contact references: Reach out to references to confirm the candidate’s prior employment.


  • Make the offer: Extending an offer quickly, especially in a competitive environment, shows candidates that you’re excited to bring them on board.





We build a compelling employer brand, create a seamless hiring process, and deliver a welcoming, motivating candidate experience.




A full lifecycle talent search & solutions start with job profiling and continues through to onboarding, which has considerable advantages.


Saving time through automated processes

Building a strong pipeline of candidates who match your needs

Shortening the time to fill positions

Providing a coherent, engaging candidate experience

Allowing your human resources to focus on other high-priority work

Reducing the risk of bad hires with 90 day guarantee

Keeping your confidentiality in the market

Avoiding high costs through our agile team structure 

Protecting diversity and inclusion requirements by eliminating conscious and unconscious bias

Having objective, speed and consistency across hiring processes

Aligning recruitment strategies with overall business strategies

Giving a holistic view of the talent analysis within the entire market

Increasing flexibility with interviewing top candidates quickly